I have spoken at dozens of events – conferences and corporate events for a wide range of organizations. Nothing is more fun and exciting to me than to develop a new talk and deliver it, hone it over many presentations, and share what I’ve learned (and am still learning) during my long career. Below are a few topics I’ve spoken about over the years.

Forget, to Create

Who doesn’t want to foster more creativity and innovation? At the same time, most “regular people” feel you either have it or you don’t (the ability to truly innovate.) But I think it’s clear that creativity and innovation are muscles that can be exercised. Shares a too-often-ignored skill–forgetting–which is the secret to true innovation and creativity.

This is a brand new talk that I have not yet given live. Reach out if you’d like to bring me to your event and present this topic!

RICE for Influence

Influence is like the holy grail – hard to find and yet valuable beyond compare. There are many ways to achieve influence, but when you lack authority, influence can be evasive. But there is a special secret that will allow anyone to increase their influence and it simply requires acting like an outsider. Outsiders have magical powers that make them highly influential and this session will talk about the most important four outsider attributes and how anyone can embody outsiderness to increase influence in their organization.

Data Storytelling & Visualization

In this fast-paced highly rated talk, I cover a lot of ground – some evolutionary theory, some brain science, the science of visual perception, communications and storytelling techniques, and research-driven best practices about data visualiization and design. I’ve given this talk as a 45-90-minute session for standing room only audiences at conferences and corporate events around the world.


Here are a couple of conference talks and videos from a series of short tips and tricks to make all your visual communications better. Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss an episode – and see the other episodes there!

Blog Posts

Data Visualization is Having Quite a Moment

People are dying. The economy is collapsing. The world feels like it's falling apart. This is no time to be capitalizing on the misfortune of others, even to hijack a popular subject and inject non-essential content around it. (Never mind what some craven individuals...

Woodstock at 50…Visualized

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, I created a data visualization of every data point I could find about the event. This project was full of interesting twists and turns along the way. This post is both a showcase of the project, as well as an explanation...

Adobe Illustrator and D3 Go Together Like Wine and Cheese

How's that for an enticing headline? Ever wondered how to do a highly customized design and then make it interactive and/or data-driven? One great technique is to design in Illustrator, export an SVG, and activate that using D3. Here's a VERY QUICK tutorial to get you...

Anecdotal vs. Causal vs. Statistical Evidence and Persuasion

You need to convince someone of something...to change their attitude about it...to persuade them. What's the best tool in your arsenal? This is a question I come across every day in my work. And, of course, given my focus on data storytelling and visualization, you...

The “Knew-It-All-Along” Effect and Data Storytelling

A thought experiment, based on a psychological experiment: Assign (write it down if you want to!) the likelihood that Aladdin was a) Persian; or b) Chinese. Seriously, what would you guess? I’m going to tell you the answer. He was Chinese. OK, now go back, and be...

Data “Stormy-telling” – How Data Stories Could Help During Events Like This Week’s Nor’easter

This was a mild winter by every measure on the East Coast of the US, where I live. We had a few cold spells, but we also hit 70 degrees in February more than once. We hardly had any snow, which meant the skiing was terrible, which was the only real downside. My wife...

How to Tell Stories and Weave a Cohesive Narrative With Data

image: Storytelling is one of the most important evolutionary advantages humans have. That is a bold statement, but I believe it is true. When ancient man sat around the village fire, telling stories, they were teaching other villagers where to find food, how to...

Making “Love and Happiness in Anna Karenina”

"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." When you start a novel with a sentence like that, you're broadcasting a message to your readers that your book is going to focus in on the happiness (or the lack thereof) if its...

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