ThinkstockPhotos-474670437Learn the art and science, the theory and practical hands-on tactics of creating compelling communications experiences based on surveys, scientific research, public or proprietary data sources.

Join Bill Shander,’s data visualization expert and top-rated workshop presenter, as he walks through two days of curriculum specially designed for different members of your team. Space is limited (the event is restricted to 30 people) – which means you have a lot of access to Bill’s expertise. In this very hands-on practical and intimate setting, you will get to do the work, not listen to lectures all day.

Day 1 – Infographics and Data Visualization Fundamentals

In individual and team exercises, you will work your way up from basic visual thinking exercises to creating full outlines and plans for static and/or interactive infographics. You will practice converting abstract ideas and data into visuals, allowing you to conceptualize and produce a complete infographic that could be handed to a designer for collaboration and execution.


  • Strategies for creating memorable and effective infographics for your organization
  • How to think about data and the visual communication of data
  • About information hierarchy and data visualization best practices
  • The neuroscience and psychology behind how your audience will receive your infographics
  • About research into best practices for data design and communications

Day 2 – Mastering Data Communications

All day will be devoted to creating a live infographic, from beginning to end, from data to concept to design. We will conceptualize an infographic as a group, based on a raw data set, eventually creating a prototype infographic by the end of the day.


  • Exploring your data visually
  • Basic data analysis and cleanup tasks
  • Picking the right chart for your data
  • Working with (and visualizing) more complex data sets
  • Exploration of a variety of visualization tools
  • Storytelling with data

22-23 September
This event is in partnership with our friends at 3Degrees Asia, who you can contact for registration information.