If you use Adobe Illustrator (or if your colleagues or employees do), your worldview may be about to change. I discovered and started using Adobe Illustrator Scripting earlier this year and it is the best thing I’ve come across in a long time.

Creating large, complex, data-driven graphics in Illustrator isn’t fun. It’s a manual process fraught with time-wasting steps, difficult to repeat tasks and a decided lack of accuracy in many cases. Adobe Illustrator Scripting, which has been around for may years, but is little-used (I believe), solves this. With some basic Javascript, AppleScript or VBScript knowledge, you can automate many tasks in Illustrator, improving your process, saving time and increasing accuracy.

One of my two new Lynda.com courses (which will launch in a few weeks) teaches a bit of Adobe Illustrator Scripting in the context of explaining how to do a project. But I think that many designers, especially those with little or no programming experience, could use more help with this skill. So I’m considering creating a curriculum to teach it. But I need your help!

Will you take a sub-5-minute survey? It’s only 10 quick questions! I would greatly appreciate it. And please share this post with others whom you think might be interested. That would be designers, marketers, PR people, ad agency people, etc. Here’s a link to the survey:


Thank you!