So it turns out the best hockey team ever…was the 1929-1930 Boston Bruins. Yep. That’s right.


Data visualization is great. It lets you take the numbers, play with them for awhile, and find a way to make sure that the Boston Bruins come out on top!

But seriously, there are a lot of interesting stories in here. (Play with the interactive version to see for yourself.) For instance, look at the lowly 1974-1975 Washington Capitals. Ouch! And what happened in 1992-1993? There are two different teams that only won 14% of the possible points that season. Sorry Ottawa and San Jose, that must have really hurt.

And notice the Montreal Canadiens who, I must admit, hold a lot of those top spots with a bunch of Bruins teams. Of course, the Canadiens did take those 23 Stanley Cups compared to Boston’s…can’t remember how many…but it’s less than that…hmmmmmm. Still, the data proves that the Boston Bruins are the Best Team EVAAARRRRRR!

Note, this was not designed to run in Internet Explorer. In fact, it reminded me (this happens frequently) why I hate IE so much. The other browsers are so so much better. This was built in D3.