We’ve been helping clients with their interactive strategy, design and development for many many years. And there have been a few major shifts in our industry over those long years. The first occurred when CD-ROMs really were replaced by the web in or around 1998. The next came when the dot com bubble burst and everyone thought “the web is dead.” Ha! Next came the SEO revolution – search engines were everything and if you weren’t kow-towing to Google, your business was sunk!

Now it’s all about social. I’ve been saying for awhile that search engines as we know them are the past, and the future (for now) is clearly social sharing. But is this another phantom shift? Are there tried and true strategies for sharing knowledge content regardless of the flavor of the month trends? Of course! But it’s also fair to say that social sharing is a seismic shift in how the web works and is a key component to any strategies worth considering today. And SEO is becoming less and less important.

I spent a lot of this weekend sick in bed. That wasn’t great. But being sick makes you slow down a bit. I literally didn’t crack open my laptop for the entire weekend for the first time I can remember in a very long time. And my phone sat on my desk from Friday night until this morning. I had time to really think. Granted, some of those thoughts came in fevered dreams, but to be honest, those were some of the best ones! I’m putting together Beehive Media’s philosophy for presenting knowledge content online and it’s coming together pretty nicely. Hopefully, it will be coming to a conference or panel discussion near you!