We’re doubling down on Davos this year, with two different clients and two projects launching for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

We’ve been working with PricewaterhouseCoopers for 10 years on KnowledgeConcierge, which this fall evolved into its third incarnation. We’ve added some more functionality for Davos, as well as a ton of content. If you’re looking for FastFacts (small tidbits of visual data – charts, graphs and maps) on topics across many different themes, issues, regions and topics, you’ll love KnowledgeConcierge. And we’ve made it easy for you to share the content, with embed tags, dynamic PDF and PowerPoint generation and social media sharing tools as well.

This year, we’re also working with a new client, Boston Consulting Group. BCG has created a fascinating financial model looking at how intervention programs targeting healthy behaviors can generate massive health and productivity savings for organizations. Our web front-end┬áis doing calculations against a massive back-end data set, allowing Davos participants (and the public) to answer a few quick questions and get real-world personalized insights into how they can save millions of dollars for their organizations while helping their employees become healthier. The interactive tool is a great compliment to what is a compelling research project created by Boston Consulting Group for the World Economic Forum.

At Beehive Media, we believe in the idealized yet pragmatic possibilities of a global society. And we’ve been working with the World Economic Forum in various capacities since 2000. So in this new decade (sort of), we’re delighted to be Doubling Down on Davos.