Bill Shander

topic: Influence

RICE for Influence

Developing four key attributes to wield influence in your organization

Influence is like the holy grail - hard to find and yet valuable beyond compare. There are many ways to achieve influence, but when you lack authority, influence can be evasive. But there is a special secret that will allow anyone to increase their influence and it simply requires acting like an outsider. Outsiders have magical powers that make them highly influential and this session will talk about the most important four outsider attributes and how anyone can embody outsiderness to increase influence in their organization.

Influence is always taught as a strategy, often with an emphasis on the psychology of influence. I will touch on some of these points, but with a very narrow focus on specific tactical things someone, even at the bottom of an organization, can do to increase their influence. This talk is not just meant for junior staff, however. Senior leaders struggle with influence because of organizational structure and culture. This talk will help them learn to increase their own stature and influence even within an organization. The outsider status, which is at the heart of the answer, is a new and unique approach that will get everyone thinking in a new and different way about influence.

You will learn:

  • The research-proven psychological principles at play in influence
  • Why outsiders wield influence
  • How to develop "outsiderness" within your organization
  • How to balance "outsiderness" with your inherent "insiderness" for maximum effect

topic: Data Storytelling

Communicating data can be intimidating to those who don't work in numbers and analytics all day. For those who do, they often don't think about communications at all - they're stuck in the analytics weeds. This talk gets everyone thinking differently about data - how to focus on the real story, craft a narrative, and design a visual experience that has real impact. Bill cites research-driven best practices and shares real-world best-in-class examples to explain and inspire.

This talk is both inspirational as well as tactical. You will be exposed to and inspired by some great work others have created. And you will learn a specific process and strategies to follow to help turn your numbers into visual narratives with impact.

You will learn:

  • The research-proven best practices in data storytelling and visualization
  • Two processes and frameworks to apply to every communications challenge, particularly data communications
  • Critical visual perception principles that affect how everyone sees and understands visuals
  • How to come at every data communications task as a communicator first

Watch my longer presentation about the 4X4 Model for Knowledge Content (a key framework in this talk).

KA Connect talk screenshot

Watch my presentation "Words > Visuals" presented at Tapestry Conference 2018. This is another key idea in my workshops - that your words are essential and will help you find the right visuals for your projects.