Bill Shander


This was the best session of the day in my opinion. His presentation was snappy and he very clearly knows his stuff.

IABC World Conference Attendee


Bill is informed, funny, and packages great lessons in a fun, memorable and digestible way. Loved it!

IABC World Conference Attendee


This was very useful and could be the most immediately beneficial session of the event in my professional work. Speaker was great and presented the information in an easy to understand fashion.

IABC World Conference Attendee


All speakers present problems. Good speakers not only present problems, but also present actionable solutions. The best speakers do both of those things, but also do something else—change the way you think about a topic. In other words, they teach you HOW to think, not just WHAT to think. Bill Shander is such a speaker. We asked Bill to present at two of our events in the last twelve months. Our audiences walked away with a memorable framework for communicating complicated information in a visual and relevant way. Bill’s concepts are just not timely, they are powerful.

Chris Parsons
Founder and CEO
Knowledge Architecture


As an Analytics & Insights team at a B2B company, we are in the depths of data and analysis all of the time and can become disconnected from the needs and preferences of our audience. Bill really helped us think about how to tell a compelling story and visualize data & insights in an engaging way. He worked through specific materials with us and gave us tips & tricks that will help bring our work to a new level.

Rachel Richter
Dun & Bradstreet


We hired Bill Shander for the first time to be a speaker at our Niche Media Conference. Bill was great in every way you’d want a speaker to be — easy to work with, provided great content and is an awesome presenter. Bill’s the complete speaker package!

Carl Landau
Grand Poobah
Niche Media


One of the best courses I've taken on Skillshare. You can tell Bill is an EXPERT in the field. He shares meaningful, actionable info on data viz in a down-to-earth, compelling way. I've taken courses of his elsewhere and they are each unique. Highly recommend for anyone who looks at or works with data! I am continually impressed by nearly all of the Lynda presenters, but even among them, Bill is among the best.

Skillshare Course Student


Bill Shander is ahead of the latest thinking around data visualization and not only masters how to communicate creatively and effectively through infographics, but INTERACTIVELY, which is key to making them effective. Bill's presentation style is dynamic- providing rich content while engaging the audience.

Sally Caputo
Acting President & CEO
Association of Management Consulting Firms


Bill Shander’s passion for data visualization is contagious. His knowledge, experience, and insight help all he comes in contact with appreciate data visualization’s potential and realize its value. His presentation to my class this semester was creative, informative, and enjoyable. The students truly valued having access to a practicing, data visualization professional. Bill’s style is relaxed and witty. He offers students a genuine opportunity to expand their knowledge of information design, while exploring through examples, its practical applications.

Domenic Screnci, Ed.D.
Instructor, Information Design and Visual Literacy
University of Massachusetts, Boston Campus